The Shows


lo-res_twiggsy-struthy_firecrackerThe Crackup Sisters make shows to keep the stories and characters of our country alive and give audiences a big old laugh. 

Every show is energetic, raw and cleverly gets the audience involved! Along with the array of comedy, whipcracking, acrobatics and slapstick you will be sure to see big props, hear tall stories, funny jokes and see lots of action!

The Crackup Sisters throw together the wild antics of Looney Tunes, heartfelt stories just like Slim Dusty’s, the give it a go attitude of Steve Irwin and a tonne of glamour from Dame Edna.

Their performances are created with real working tools, real workin’ language, a fair degree of unpredictability and a whole lot of ingenuity to keep the show rolling.

The Crackup Sister’s brand of comedy is Australian, gritty, super witty and full to the brim with heart.



Think aerial circus antics, choreographed whip cracking, knockabout acrobatics and gags that you’d never see coming.

The Homestead is a lively entertainment precinct that comes alive to the delight of the audience and lights up any show or event.

The Homestead travels the country and can move into your place! It is a

14x12m interactive set, complete with exploding dunny, aerial windmill, sound system, lighting.



The Crackup Sisters can create entertainment to fill your arena. Combining stunts, lots of movement and family friendly comedy. We’ve worked with Monster Trucks, 100 tonne cranes, minature motorbikes, bulls that split in half and cows with wild ways.

Our main arena comedy acts are remembered for their old-fashioned humour and tongue in cheek acts of complete ridiculousness.



Bring big bold comedy and colours to your festival or street show. The Crackup Sisters will capture people’s attention and tickle the funny bone. Fun for all!



Talk about getting your crowd rocking. We will learn the local history, make interactive games and create shows at the local pub. The town will talk about it ‘til the cows come home.



The Crackup Sisters would be delighted to host your next event. Bringing colour, cheekiness and crowd participation. We create unique and fun filled games to get your audience involved and make your event a hit.

The Crackup Sisters can tailor any performance to suit your special event. Just give us a call and we’ll have a chat about it!


1509_crackupSisters_rodeoSpecialtyActs_sectionDivider (1)
As guests at the 2014 NFR in Las Vegas The Crackup Sisters have been seen as the only women working comedy in Professional Rodeo today.
They have a swag of original rodeo comedy specialty acts.   They work well with announcers, stock contractors and the crowds love the way the sisters splat and tumble across the arena bringing very physical old fashioned comedy stunts to audiences as a welcomed break from the serious side of rodeo.



Our areas of specialty are in Circus, Australian Stock Whip Cracking, Aerial Acrobatics, Australian Knock About Acrobatics, comedy and expression through creativity.

With a passion for well being of bodies and minds, The Crackup Sisters share the experience of having fun through doing creative skills. We want to inspire adults and children to have a go at new things, look after their bodies, fuel their spirit and excite their minds.

We know that the process of learning skills instills so much confidence, emotional stability and health in the participants – who start to see – they are capable of anything with some practice. The skills taught are able to work with a wide range of abilities.