The Sisters

Meet The Crackup Sisters


G’day, our home is Winton, Outback Queensland, no 100 in the main street – you can’t miss it.

We travel the country, making people laugh and sharing the unique spirit and comedy of Outback Australia.

Each sister brings her own skills and quirks to the stage. We have all performed since we were kids, and trained around the world in the fields of stock whip cracking, knock about acrobatics, circus, aerial acrobatics, dance, hula hoop, handstands, comedy, clowning, acting and animal training.

The lines on our faces and the calluses on our hands are real – perfectly formed from hours of laughing, practicing and giving it a red-hot shot!

To ensure that we can deliver the work we want, in the places we want, we’ve don other stuff like:

  • PHD in Choreography
  • BA in dance, nursing, marketing and circus arts
  • Rigging licenses
  • Forklift, high access and heavy vehicle truck licences
  • Diploma in Massage
  • Private pilot license
  • Aerobics instruction qualification
  • Stage management
  • Bush mechanic’ing
  • Backyard Building

We do all this .. so we can make SERIOUSLY funny stuff.

The Crackup Sisters Family Yarn


Born and bred in Winton Outback Queensland, the Ruth Sisters grew up with dirt on their faces, warm hearts and mischievous minds –  chucking cartwheels and creating routines on the hills hoist. Mum Ruth, a dancer twirling her way around the globe, Dad Ruth, a truckie who could arm wrestle and drag race with the best. The sisters were chips off the old block. S.T (the oldest of the sisters) was left to raise the rabble of tackers in Winton, and The Crackup Sisters were born.


In 2009, S.T.Ruth and B-Ute had their first ever gig (except for at home of course) at The Beaudesert Horse Festival. Halfway through that first show, they had to clear out for the street parade. So, with half a show under their belts, they headed to the airport… to the biggest outdoor show in the world – The Calgary Stampede in Canada! With such huge beginnings, it lit a fire in their bloomers. We borrowed a ute and a caravan and went down the road. With a bag of whips, a whole lot of grit, imagination, bruises, bumps, scratches, dodgy costumes and fears of being thrown to the dogs – they started to tell stories in their own unique way… and the Australian audiences loved them.

Along the way B-Ute got knocked up so she went out into the breeding paddock and Struth gave the other sisters, Rowdy, Pickles, Twiggsie and Iffy (who by this stage where all causing chaos on stages around the world) a bell and they returned to roost in Winton. With support from Australia’s leading outback showmen and women like The Ashton’s Circus, Fred and Sandy Brophy, The Showmen’s Guild and The Gill Brothers Rodeo Co. the sisters put their heads down (bums up) and got cracking.

In 2020 we have our clapped out house, trailers, horse, bull, cow, mini motorbikes and more props and tutus than you could poke a stick at. We clock up some serious k’s, we have big ideas, big yarns and we are keen to make our mark in Australian history.

We hope that our shows remind people of the spirit of imagination, making stuff up and having a go.


Our Shows